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A Tapestry of Tears

"It was here she realized why women the world over indulged themselves with needlework. For it was an indulgence, a soothing of the senses, a gentling of thoughts. They spoke, not in a rush, and not even to each other but their words were like a gentle brook, and took with them their hurts and worries. No man could understand the sisterhood of a sewing circle, she thought, listening to them."

This is a collection of a novelette and twelve short stories.

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I am a multi genre author from India but if I have to be slotted, it will have to be as a children’s author because I have more books out for children. But again, many adults have told me they have enjoyed my books for children so I will do away with the slotting and say that I write fiction; the format doesn’t matter.

I’ve written novels, a novella, short chapter books, short stories, and also picture books. My books for adults are written Read more ...


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