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A Tapestry of Tears

"It was here she realized why women the world over indulged themselves with needlework. For it was an indulgence, a soothing of the senses, a gentling of thoughts. They spoke, not in a rush, and not even to each other but their words were like a gentle brook, and took with them their hurts and worries. No man could understand the sisterhood of a sewing circle, she thought, listening to them."

This is a collection of a novelette and twelve short stories.

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I am a multi genre author from India but if I have to be slotted, it will have to be as a children’s author because I have more books out for children. But again, many adults have told me they have enjoyed my books for children so I will do away with the slotting and say that I write fiction; the format doesn’t matter.

I’ve written novels, a novella, short chapter books, short stories, and also picture books. My books for adults are written Read more ...

Free Short Story

"Maybe we should get a divorce."

Raj utters the D-word and immediately regrets it. He hopes that Divya, who is deaf, hasn't lip-read the words. But Divya has and is shattered that Raj wants to end their thirteen-year-old marriage. Determined to build a new life for herself and the children, she uses her deafness to ignore Raj as he tries to regain the ease of communication they had in the beginning of their marriage.


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