AGES 8-12

Daksha the Medicine Girl

Daksha lives in a hamlet on the Himalayas. An orphan, she learns native medicine by assisting a vaidya. A chance encounter brings her to the notice of people who move her to town and admit her to a school.

Daksha is unhappy there and wants to return to her hamlet – until a resourceful doctor helps her adjust to her new life.

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The Homeless Birds

Ranjan meets a most unusual bird in his garden. Bigger than him and able to talk, the bird is lost and doesn't know in which direction his home lies.

All living creatures need one another even though the connection is not clear. It is said, ‘When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.’ The Homeless Birds shows how human beings and human habitat sometimes threaten other species and their space.

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Make a Wish

Niki believes in fairies and has only one wish for her birthday. She wants to see a fairy. The wish comes true!

The fairy tells Niki that she can make another wish but Niki cannot think of anything. So the fairy agrees to come one more time. Niki must think of something by then. She must make a wish. What does Niki wish for?

What would you wish for?

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The Missing Girl

After a game of hide and seek with her brother and friends, Sneha goes missing. The presence of a strange car points to kidnap. The police is called in.

But Sneha is not kidnapped. She is in the midst of an adventure, an adventure of a different kind.

Bonus Story: Adi The Virus.

Adi is very talkative. Wherever he is made to sit in class, he gets his neighbor into trouble by talking. His teacher calls him Adi the Virus. But some viruses do good....A fun classroom story.

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Krishta, Daughter of Martev

Krishta, of Ayzeon, has a problem. She is just not able to understand the sciences that are taught at school. In a last ditch effort, she accompanies her father, Martev, who is among the greatest scientists in the universe, to Planet Earth. As the sciences are still at a very fundamental stage on Earth, she hopes to understand the basics and build upon them.

Suraj, working in his school chemistry lab, discovers Krishta and along with his sister Sunita, tries to help her as much as possible.

Everything is fine except that Ikor, banished from Ayzeon for his violent ways, has tracked down Martev and seeks revenge…

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How brave must a deer be? Brave enough to flee from danger, naturally. Everything frightens Dearie and makes him freeze. When he is faced with danger, real or imagined, he is unable to move a muscle. His fear becomes a threat to the herd and he is made to leave it. He must live alone, alone with his fears amidst the dangers that abound all around him.

Dearie is a tale of courage because courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.

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The Forbidden Forest

On some nights, cries of cheetahs and leopards come from the forest. Naturally, people are afraid to enter it. Why are wild animals moving from the dense jungle across the hills to the sparse forest? Has it anything to do with the factory that looks to be shut down but secretly operates?

Abhi and his cousins find out.

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The Magician's Turban

Ismail and Hassan are excited. They are going to visit a village for the first time. Bimal Ram, a friend of the family, has invited them for his daughter’s wedding. The celebrations are to last for a week.

The boys have fun playing in the maidan and making new friends. Every evening, performers entertain the guests. One evening there is a magic show! Jadugar, the magician, announces, "Tricksters are calling themselves magicians. Soon magicians will be called tricksters! I cannot allow that to happen. So tonight, I bring you real magic."

Jadugar’s act is amazing. But is it really magic? Ismail is sure it is sleight of hand. Surely, there is nothing like magic. He is convinced Jadugar has only performed a trick.

Until he and Hassan are swept into The Magician's Turban!

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Knife and Fork

Bholu, a monkey, comes to the city looking for adventure. In a short time he learns city ways and when he returns to the forest, he continues with them.

Knife and Fork is Bholu’s story and how he learns three important lessons:

“Monkey ways are right for monkeys just as human ways are right for human beings.”

“Food and fun are meant to be shared with friends.”

“Losing friends is easy, winning them back is not.”

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Nine Short Chapter Books

This is an engrossing collection of different genre books for young readers. The titles included are:

1. The Homeless Birds

2. The Magiciann's Turban

3. Knife and Fork

4. Daksha the Medicine Girl

5.Make a Wish

6. Krishta, Daughter of Martev

7.The Forbidden Forest.


9. The Missing Girl.

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