Not So Sweet Maria (Sisters by Marriage – Book 1)


Lady Maria or Sweet Maria as the ton calls her, cannot abide the hypocritical ways of Polite Society. She knows that, if not for her wealth and connections, she may not have been received even.

She agrees to an arranged match to ward off her persistent suitors, treating the engagement as a sham one to be ended at her convenience. Then, most unexpectedly, she finds love with a commoner. Only. he isn’t a commoner but the Earl of Daventon.

Gareth, Earl of Daventon is determined to avoid love. He knows it is a quagmire. So when a mysterious young woman who dresses like a shop girl but behaves like a lady captures his interest, he takes measures to safeguard his heart; he accepts an arranged match. His betrothed is Lady Maria whom he hasn’t met – or thinks he hasn’t met.

All of which leads to a delightful tangle of affairs.

Not So Sweet Maria is Book 1 in the series. It is a complete story without any cliffhangers.

Not Just Lovely Laura (Sisters by Marriage –Book 2)

Growing up in the shadow of her parents’ estrangement, Laura has learnt to mask her feelings. She is also unused to company. Her father, though an earl, was a recluse.

Now she must go to London during the Season where she will meet her mother - the mother she had pined for and resented in equal measure.

Laura finds herself a success. She has suitors offering for her but is secretly in love with the Duke of Wimberley. She isn’t sure about his feelings. Does it even matter? The duke is most attentive to the beautiful widow, Lady Mannering.

And then Laura learns a shocking truth about the duke. He is not the man he appears to be.

Anthony, Duke of Wimberley is in London to find a wife for the second time. Seven years ago he had made a love match. He knows better now. He is looking for someone who will take charge of the duties of duchess and also be a mother to his daughter.

His intention to guard his heart disappears as he comes to know Laura. Before he can proceed to court her, he becomes mired in perhaps the biggest Scandal of all time.

To his utter shock, not only does Lady Laura believe the worst about him, she goes out of her way to thwart him!

Not Just Lovely Laura is Book 2 of the Sisters by Marriage Series. It follows the book, Not So Sweet Maria. The books can be read in any order and also independently.

Violated at fifteen, seduced at sixteen.

A runaway marriage and a swift annulment.

Fanny’s life is over even before it could begin.

No Longer Flighty Fanny (Sisters by Marriage –Book 3)

As a young girl, Fanny finds escape from her unstable home by roaming in the woods and riding her mare. Free and innocent of guile, she is easy prey for a blackguard. Three years later, she attends the Season where she meets Andrew, Earl of Nethercote. It is love at first sight for both of them.

Fanny’s nemesis, the man who had ruined her, is also in London. Furious at her refusal to yield to him, he uses his power to vilify her. Fanny loses her reputation - and Andrew’s love. She returns home and her father forces her into a repugnant marriage.

Andrew leaves England and throws himself into the shipping business. Unable to forget Fanny, he comes back when she is widowed and tries his utmost to win her back.

Can Fanny forgive him for leaving her? And what of the anonymous letters that threaten to destroy her if she accepts Andrew?

No Longer Flighty Fanny is Book 3 of the Sisters by Marriage Series. All the books in the series can be read in any order and also independently.