I started writing years ago, to be precise, in 1998, and a local publisher published two short story collections in 2005 and 2006. These stories were for middle-grade readers, ages 9-14.

I continued to write but due to time constraints, of which a little later, I started organizing my stories for publication only in 2011 and my book, ‘The Vigil and Other Stories’ was published by Leadstart Publishers in 2013. This book is a collection of stories for mature readers, age no bar.

During this period, I started reading e books and found them amazingly convenient.  I decide to publish a children’s novel, ‘King Neptune’s Delite’, as a kindle book. I liked the experience and the response. I now have twenty-four books as an indie writer, and they are available on amazon, smashwords, B & N, and apple store.

I find I have written more about my writing than myself.  So here come the other details, mostly mundane.
I was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and grew up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, both being in India. My schooling, college and university education were  all in Hyderabad. After getting a Master's degree in Mathematics from Hyderabad Central University in 1985, I joined State Bank of Hyderabad as a Probationary Officer in the same year. I served the bank in various managerial positions for twenty- six years. I left the bank in 2011 to pursue writing full time.

I quit my job because while working, though I managed to write a little, I could not follow it up with the editing and organizing my work for publication.

Since then, I have edited, and even re-written my earlier stories, making it possible for me to publish a number of books in a short time. I have published, for middle graders, three novels, eight chapter books and three short story collections, all of which are featured in this site.

Sometimes I write for grownups. The Vigil and Other Stories, Take 2: A Collection of Short Stories, and Catherine Dickens: Outside the Magic Circle (written under the pseudonym Heera Datta) are for adults. It is not that they contain any explicit content unsuitable for children, it is just that those issues will not interest children.

I am also interested in painting. The front cover paintings  on most of my books are mine. So are the cover designs. Presently, I’m fully occupied with writing but I hope, at a later date, to learn painting from a professional and make time for painting along with writing.  

I love reading for the pleasure it gives me and hate it for the time it eats away ( all addictions inspire 
this love/hate relationship.)
I belong to the pre-computers generation so I find it thrilling when I learn anything computer- related. 
For instance, this website. I created it myself using google sites. I know, I know! Most of my ten year old 
readers can create smarter websites with ease but not many fifty year- olds can. So yay!