The Forbidden Forest

                                          The Forbidden Forest                                                                      


                                             Since two years, the forest beside Kushalpur Village has 

                                             become the haunt of cheetahs and leopards. Their cries shatter 

                                             the silence of the night and scare the villagers into keeping away. 

                                             It has become a Forbidden Forest. 

                                            Abhi is visiting Kushalpur to spend the holidays with his cousins. 

                                           He wants to gather leaves and shoots from the forest for a school 

                                          project. He learns that the forest is no longer safe. Grandpa finds 

                                           it mysterious. Why have the animals moved to the forest when

                                          the forest on the hills is much denser and there is a lake too?

                                         What is behind this strange animal behavior? 

                                         Is it linked to the factory that appears to be shut down but isn't?

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