Free Book - Archive

For parents and children wanting to stock up for the holidays, and for those who wish to download during 
the winter break, I have made available some of my books FREE on amazon. A CLICK on the title will 
connect to the book page. The books are, however, free on ALL AMAZON STORES.
Listed below is the schedule. It is a mixed bag of novels, chapter books, short story collections, and picture books. 
Please share the webpage link with your friends and spread the word. THANK YOU. 

 December 9, 2015 Cheetaka, Queen of Giants
December 10, 2015Cheetaka, Queen of Giants , Hunt for the Horseman
 December 11, 2015 The Unicycle and Other Stories
 December 12, 2015 Cinderella's Escape
 December 13, 2015
The Magician’s Turban , Rangeela and the Bully
 December 14, 2015 The Ant Thief (Picture Book)
 December 15, 2015King Neptune's DeliteThe Ant Thief (Picture Book)
 December 16, 2015 The Forbidden Forest , The Dinosaur Puzzle & Other Stories
 December 17, 2015Theft at the Fair and Other Stories 
 December 18, 2015Krishta, Daughter of Martev 
 December 19, 2015Dearie: A Tale of Courage
 December 20, 2015The Ant Thief (Picture Book) , Rangeeela Plays his Part 
 December 21, 2015Bala Gala the Brave & DangerousRangeela & Robber 
 December 22, 2015 Theft at the Fair and Other Stories
The Dinosaur Puzzle & Other Stories
 December 23, 2015 King Neptune's DeliteThe Forbidden Forest
 December 24, 2015 Cinderella's Escape
 December 25, 2015 Dearie: A Tale of CourageRangeela Finds a Home
 December 26, 2015Hunt for the HorsemanThe Magician’s Turban
 December 27, 2015 Cinderella's EscapeCheetaka, Queen of Giants
Rangeela and the Old Foe
 December 28, 2015The Magician’s TurbanKing Neptune's Delite 
 December 29, 2015The Forbidden ForestThe Unicycle and Other Stories
 December 30,2015 The Ant Thief (Picture Book), Krishta, Daughter of Martev
 December 31, 2015 Krishta, Daughter of MartevCheetaka, Queen of Giants
Rangeela & Robber
 January 01, 2016Hunt for the HorsemanThe Dinosaur Puzzle & Other StoriesDearie: A Tale of Courage
 January 02, 2016King Neptune's DeliteCinderella's EscapeThe Magician’s Turban 
 January 03, 2016The Forbidden ForestRangeela and the Bully
Rangeela Finds a Home
 January 04, 2016Cheetaka, Queen of Giants 
 January, 05, 2016Krishta, Daughter of Martev
 January 06, 2016Bala Gala the Brave & Dangerous (Picture Book), 
The Ant Thief (Picture Book) 
 January 07, 2016Dearie: A Tale of Courage
 January 08, 2016Dearie: A Tale of Courage
 January 09, 2016Theft at the Fair and Other Stories
The Dinosaur Puzzle & Other Stories 
 January 10, 2016 King Neptune's Delite
 January 11, 2016The Unicycle and Other Stories
 January 12, 2016Krishta, Daughter of Martev
 January 13, 2016The Forbidden ForestThe Magician’s Turban
 January 14, 2016The Dinosaur Puzzle & Other Stories
 January 15, 2016Cinderella's Escape
 January 16, 2016 Hunt for the Horseman